141 Report: Legislative Report with David Roderick

141 Report: Legislative Report with David Roderick

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IAM District Lodge 141 Report with Host Dave Lehive is a weekly podcast featuring Machinist Union Members and Allies of the Labor Movement. Our Video report airs every Friday at 2:00 PM EST (1:00 CST) on Facebook and Youtube and is also on Spotify.

141 Report: Legislative Report with David Roderick

141 Legislative Director Dave Roderick updates Machinists Union members about the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act recently signed into law by President Biden. Roderick was among a group of union activists invited to the White House to witness the historic signing of this critical legislation, which will help modernize US Airports. 

Brother Roderick also discusses the importance of the Build Back Better Plan and announces a fundraising effort that could land viewers some really cool T-Shirts. Check that out HERE>



District 141 PDGC Mike Klemm Responds to United Statement Re: COVID-19

District 141 PDGC Mike Klemm Responds to United Statement Re: COVID-19

Dear United Member,

 I’m sure by now most of you have had a chance to read the communication put out by Oscar Munoz and Scott Kirby last night. I want to start off by commending both men and their teams for keeping the IAM completely informed with the dire financial outlook of, not only United Airlines, but the airline industry in general. They have made it clear that their number one goal is to do everything possible to limit the impact on United’s workforce, which includes approximately 28,000 IAM members. With that said, it’s important you know the financial situation is significantly worse than the days and weeks following 9/11.

 Oscar and Scott stated that March is typically United’s busiest month of the year. But this year, in just the first two weeks of March, one million fewer customers have boarded United aircraft compared to March, 2019. United is also currently projecting that revenue in March will be $1.5 billion lower than last March, and the months ahead look grim as well.

 I want to share something with you. When Oscar and I came into our respective positions, weeks apart in 2015, he approached the Union and committed to do right by IAM members. He expressed his desire to enter negotiations early to improve the wages of IAM members at United.

 Our response was, “wages are important but more critical than money is that IAM members’ work is protected. We need real job security and to not worry which station was next to be outsourced.” He heard us, understood IAM members’ needs and he and his team negotiated in good faith. We were able to gain the security IAM members so very much deserve. Oscar’s word was good and I am grateful for that.

 The IAM’s current relationship with Oscar Munoz and Scott Kirby is solid and there exists a level of trust between both parties that we value. It is because of this relationship that the IAM will have input on any decisions that are made that will impact IAM members at United.

 I want to emphasize that the IAM’s ONLY priority is to protect IAM members’ interests during this very uncertain time.

 As more information becomes available, I will relay that to you.

 God bless, stay safe and protect yourselves and your families by following the CDC guidelines.


Sincerely and Fraternally,



Mike Klemm

President and Directing General Chair,
IAMAW District 141



Please print and post on all IAMAW Bulletin Boards.

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