The goal of a Ground Safety Action Program (GSAP) is to enhance aviation safety by preventing personnel injuries, accidents, and incidents.

Its focus is to encourage voluntary reporting of safety hazards and events that come to the attention of members of IAMAW District Lodge 141 at United Airlines (GSAP), American Airlines (GSAP still in development), and Hawaiian Airlines (GSIP). 

IAM District 141 President Michael Klemm strongly supports these programs to ensure all members have a single voice on workplace safety. No one knows your job better than you, and your continued support of this program is vital. The reporting of all incidents and near misses is essential to allow your Event Review Committee (ERC) to track and trend the data provided to help guide changes to policies and procedures. As we move forward through this pandemic, and as flight schedules change, this is an opportunity for the airlines to improve our policies, procedures, and for the FAA to oversee our safety programs.

Safety is a core value to the leadership of the IAM. Our Ground Safety Action programs (GSAPs) have been instrumental in implementing changes to numerous policies and procedures using proactive reporting from the front lines.

Please continue to report safety hazards, near misses, and incidents to Management, Union Representatives, and the GSAP program that each carrier supports.

Note: Not all airlines and contracted companies have an endorsed safety program. Contact your company safety department for more information.


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