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March Helping Hands: Women’s History Month

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EAP Peer Volunteers:

In celebration of Women’s History month, Helping Hands is profiling some very influential women Psychologists. Women had many obstacles to overcome to influence psychological theory, yet many of the women Psychologists had a profound effect upon the field of psychology. Women’s influence in the field continues today. The electronic version of Helping Hands has some links to more information. I have attached both the .docx and pdf versions – click on both to see which version works best for you. 
     There are many peer volunteers who have elected to take advantage of the buy-out offers made by United and American Airlines. Most of you who have opted to retire or pursue another direction have been with us for many years. You have greatly impacted the lives of your fellow members and co-workers in ways you will never know! I am SO grateful to have worked side by side with each of you! I believe we are all here to help each other and to make the road a little bit easier for others – all of you have lived that philosophy by being EAP Peers. Thank you for all you have done to help others along the way! 

     Rest assured that none of you will go very far, once an EAP, always an EAP! We may be calling on you in the next critical incident, natural disaster, or any situation in which we can use your experience and expertise to resolve an issue.


Bryan Hutchinson, M.S.


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