Sisters and Brothers, 

As you know, Congress is currently negotiating another stimulus bill to address the economic impact of the coronavirus pandemic. I will be first to admit I didn’t think we had a chance to get an extension of the Payroll Support Program (PSP), but now thanks to the hard work of our legislative team at the IAMAW Transportation Territory, collaborating with our own District 141 Legislative and Communications team and the grassroots work all of you are doing, we are very much in the game and a six-month extension of this vital program looks within reach.

This week we received the commitment of 223 members of Congress who signed a letter supporting the extension of the PSP. We must now turn our attention to the US Senate, who must act before their August recess so airlines can avoid widespread furloughs on October 1st. 

Please take a look at the list of senators below. We have identified them as being on the fence on their support of the PSP extension, and with another push from us, we may get across the finish line. The first link following the Senator’s name lists contact information if you would like to call their office or write a personal letter; the second link takes you to the IAM Action Alert program, which makes contact very easy with a written letter sent via email to your Senator. 

It is especially important to reach out to Senators in states where our companies have hubs or large operations where there are hundreds or thousands of jobs on the line, but every call we make or email we send can get us closer to our goal.  

I ask that you please contact your Senator this week, especially if his or her name is on the attached list. Together, we may be able to prevent anyone from getting furloughed come October 1st.



In Solidarity,

Michael G. Klemm

President & Directing General Chair,
IAMAW District 141

     United States Senate Call-List
















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