IAMAW District 141 Safety Coordinator for American Airlines and Safety Chair, Dennis Spencer has helped lead groundbreaking efforts in front-line safety. His work includes the innovative UnionSafe141.org website, which allows airline workers to report, track and record safety concerns at any airport in the US – right from a smartphone. His work has led to hundreds of safety reports, helped drive legal action, and has removed countless hazards from the workplace at American Airlines.

DL 141 Report: Safety First, Safety Always with Dennis Spencer

Jan 29, 2021

This week, we catch up with Dennis Spencer, District 141 Safety Coordinator at American Airlines, to find out how the development of the Ground Safety Action Program (GSAP) at American is progressing.

Brother Dennis and a group of dedicated safety advocates are busy and excited about the rollout of this program that will help increase awareness and education on the actions and procedures we should all follow so we can go home just as healthy and safe as we came into work. 


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