A Veterans Day Message from IAMAW International President, Robert Martinez

This Wednesday, we set aside a special day to honor the brave men and women who have stepped up and served our countries with military service.

We owe a great amount of gratitude to our veterans. For their sacrifice, we are forever indebted.

These great patriots secure our democracy and the freedoms we hold sacred–the right to vote, the right of free speech, freedom of the press, and the right to peacefully protest. Our work as a union would not be possible without these American and Canadian heroes.

As a U.S. Navy Veteran, I am extremely proud that the Machinists Unions has one of the highest percentages of veterans in the entire labor movement.

Just as they made a commitment to defend our great nations, the Machinists Union makes a commitment to each and every veteran. We continue to advocate on their behalf, support their missions and proudly build and maintain the best military equipment in the world.

As we recognize Veterans Day in the United States and Remembrance Day in Canada, please join me in thanking all those who have served our great nations.

In solidarity,

Robert Martinez Jr.
International President

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