EAP Peer Coordinators,

As the covid virus continues to affect all of us, we are starting to see the effects of isolation. Mental Health and substance abuse issues are beginning to surface in numbers we have not seen before. There are resources to help – and we can guide people to these resources! 

Anxiety and depression are also increasing. Not knowing how or when we will have an effective way to deal with the crisis as it continues is very difficult on many people. Again, the isolation is causing many people to experience mental health and substance use issues. As you notice people whose behavior has changed, work with your upline EAP to address each individual. This can make the difference of each individual dealing with a problem effectively or the problem becoming larger. 

Thank you for the work you are doing – I am very grateful for each of you! 


Bryan Hutchinson, M.S.

Helping Hands October Edition

The Employee Assistance Program is a compassionate, confidential, and free service that has helped hundreds of people cope with personal crises.


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