Helping Hands June: Suicide Prevention

EAP Peers:

      Helping Hands addresses suicide this month. We feature the 988 hotline that was funded and put in place last July. Since then, calls have increased over 800%! The line is a good resource and can help each of us when we aren’t sure about what to do. Of course, always consult your upline EAP Peer – every time you have a potential suicide. I always call a fellow EAP whenever there is a potential suicide – to insure that I am covering all of the bases. Your regional reps, along with Tony Rodriguez, Chris Davis and now Christine Mahoe on Hawaiian and I are always available to talk. Please welcome Chris as a part of our leadership team! 
       There are some signs and symptoms covered this month – those are the entry point for talking with someone your are concerned about. Again – consult consult consult!  

       Thank you for being there for your co-workers! You are all doing critical work! 


Bryan Hutchinson, M.S.


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