A Conversation About Union-Level Safety Activism With Dennis Spencer

Gate-Side Airline Safety Activism, Created, Directed and Maintained by Front-Line Union Members

Brother Spencer has been fighting for workers safety since 2008, when he became the Safety Chair for his Philadelphia Local.   Three Years ago District Lodge 141 PDGC Mike Klemm appointed Brother Dennis as a 141 Safety Coordinator. Dennis Hired on with Legacy US 1989-accumulating over 31 years of airline experience  he currently is an IAM/TWU Association GSAP ERC member and is also the Union Safety System Administrator. In that role, Dennis is charged with collecting and maintaining data critical achieving a safe workplace at airports aroung the nation.

He is a proud member of  the Obie O’Brian Local 1776 family where he currently serves as a Trustee and as a EAP Peer to Peer Representative.

Dennis has been very active over the years since 2002 doing Community Service for different Charities, including youth sports and  raising over 250,000 dollars in Free Style Wrestling.

Dennis is Married and Has an 18 year old son.

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