July 24, 2020

To IAM-represented workers at United Airlines:

IAM District 141 and United Airlines have come to an agreement for a new 12-month Voluntary Partial Pay Leave (VPPL) program. The VPPL will provide 25 percent pay continuation, medical and dental coverage at active rates, 25 percent vacation accrual and all IAM-represented employees hired after November 1, 2013 will now have a minimum of six years of recall rights. IAM-represented workers hired before November 1, 2013 will maintain unlimited recall rights.

The Union and the Company also agreed that temporary assignments in two (2) stations may be extended by seven months to a maximum of 12 months. These assignments will be offered to active and furloughed IAM members before workers from outside the Company are hired.

The economic realities of the global airline industry are forcing carriers, unions and workers to make the best decisions they can out of a host of bad options. IAM District 141 and United management worked together to devise the VPPL program, which, coupled with the VSP program, has the potential to provide hundreds of millions of dollars in value to IAM members while significantly decreasing the number of furloughs on October 1, 2020. The IAM will do everything possible to mitigate layoffs via participation in voluntary programs. And, when the time comes when United finds it necessary to commence a reduction in force, it will be conducted per the IAM-United collective bargaining agreements, which outline members’ rights under a reduction in force.

I strongly urge everyone to take a hard look at this new VPPL program and decide whether or not it would work for you and your family.

In Solidarity,


Michael G Klemm

President & Directing General Chair,
IAMAW District 141

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