Noelle Sakamoto alongside EAP West Coast Regional Director Roberto Mendez at a food drive in April. To find out how you can volunteer with Local 1781, contact the Women’s Committee at the link below. Thanks!

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Community Service

Hi Cristina!

How are you? Here at LL1781 Thanksgiving was….. different.

I heard from many of our members they were doing a small only immediate family gathering, or like myself, a single day of giving thanks with my dogs. My family and I took a vote that we’d rather have a Zoom Thanksgiving than an ICU Xmas and more holidays than more funerals.

But, in the midst of it all, we still found time to keep our communities going. We gathered coats and comforter for the homeless in Reno.

Attached are the items I mailed from SFO and Angela Christensen, from AA Ramp in Reno taking her donations to Lisa Ross, Director of Community Service for the Catholic Charities of Northern Nevada.


Take care and STAY SAFE!


Noelle Sakamoto
Co-Chair of The Women’s Committee of LL1781


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