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It’s Time to Enroll in the IAM Group Medicare Plan

Dec 9, 2020

The IAM has worked for months to negotiate a new Group Medicare plan for Medicare-eligible retirees, spouses, surviving spouses, and Medicare-eligible dependents. The IAM Group Medicare plan allows individuals to enroll throughout the year. You can apply up until December 31, 2020, for a January 1, 2021, effective date.

We are excited to announce a new partnership with Employee Benefit Systems and TLC Insurance Group. This plan can help serve the Medicare needs for our Medicare-eligible retirees, their spouses, and surviving spouses. This new best-in-class IAM Group Medicare Advantage plan, offered through Humana, is rich in benefits.

Visit iam4.me/iamhumana for more information. Here are some of the benefits that IAM retirees are so excited about:

  1. Available in all 50 states, plus Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia;
  2. National Passive Group Medicare PPO Plan that allows members to use the doctor and hospital of their choice nationally;
  3. In network and out of network benefits are identical;
  4. Robust Prescription Group Plan included;
  5. Low out of pocket maximum;
  6. No deductibles on the IAMAW Group plan;
  7. Low copays! Primary Care Physician – $0 copay    Specialist – $30 copay 

Call the exclusive toll free phone number (1-800-833-2411 – Humana Enrollment Department) for questions and enrollment assistance.

Retiree participation is not mandatory. Enrollment into the plan is by self-choice. However, we highly suggest that all retirees compare the benefits of this new IAM Group Medicare plan, with their current coverage, prior to making any decision on their 2021 Medicare healthcare options.

Visit iam4.me/iamhumana for more information.


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