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District 141 Board Appoints Two New Officers

District 141 Board Appoints Two New Officers

District 141 Board Appoints Two New Officers

The IAMAW District 141 Executive Board voted unanimously to appoint Derrick Monk to the position of District Trustee and named Tony Colina District Vice President At-Large, effective January 1. District President Mike Klemm announced the new appointments on Monday. 

“These are two high-caliber union advocates,” Klemm said in reporting the new district staff members. “Over the years, they have both played an outsized role within our union, representing our membership with an energy, creativity and level of effectiveness that has been unsurpassed,” he continued. “I am excited to see what they bring to the District level.”

Pastor Derrick Monk, IAMAW 141 Trustee

Monk will be filling a trustee position left open after President Klemm elevated Gary Welch to Special Representative. As trustee, Monk will become part of a three-member team that oversees District finances, for district officers and staff and expenses such as lost-time charges for union members that are required to miss time from work to perform union duties. 

In 2008, when he worked at USAirways in Philadelphia International Airport for over a year, Derrick had a “run-in” with a manager. He was so impressed with the work of Gil Simmons, Local 1776 Committee Chair at the time (now IAMAW Grand Lodge Representative), that he decided he would pay it forward. “The Union was there for me, and so I wanted to be sure to do my part to help my brothers and sisters in the union.”

His dedication to his Brothers and Sisters of the IAMAW and the larger Philadelphia community has earned him several awards and recognition. 

As a young student, his parents enrolled him in a desegregation program where he was bussed to better-funded schools in northeast Philadelphia. He found his calling in the intersection of faith and activism and became an ordained minister. He currently serves as the Senior Pastor of the Divine Covenant Outreach Center in Philadelphia and many community service projects he leads. 

In 2017, our Brother Derrick received the Irv Sannit Labor Volunteer Award from the United Way of Southeastern Pennsylvania for his community service work with IAM Local 1776 and with the Solid Hearts Foundation, a non-profit he co-founded, helped to expand the reach of his union community service work. The foundation provides emergency financial assistance and academic scholarships to families in need in the greater Philadelphia area.

Derrick Monk draws inspiration from the work of civil and labor rights leaders who came before him and continues to pay it forward. Currently, Derrick Monk, in his role as Senior Pastor,  provides invocation ceremonies at District 141 events, such as conferences and conventions. 

Tony Colina, IAMAW District 141 Vice President At-Large.

As Vice President At-Large, Tony Colina will be tasked with a vast range of administrative and representational assignments on behalf of District members. 

Colina started his airline career in August 1996 with Continental Airlines, where he worked at the Reservations foreign language desk taking Spanish calls at the reservations building in Houston, Texas. After spending a decade working at reservations, he transferred to IAH airport in Houston to work as a Customer Service Representative. In this role, he became heavily involved in the organizing campaign to promote the IAMAW at the airline. Calling union representation at the airline, “much-needed” Colina was instrumental in introducing unionism to the employees at Continental. Fueled by the successful IAM representational win, Colina became one of the first Shop Stewards at IAH with United Airlines.

Colina was elected to the Local 2198 Grievance Committee in 2015, where he participated in contract enforcement for “Above the Wing” Customer Service Agents at Houston. In 2018, he was appointed Vice President for local Lodge 2198, which had become one of the largest locals in District 141. In 2019, he became President of his Lodge, a position he was re-elected to in 2021. Colina was elected to serve as both Local 2198 President and IAH Grievance Committeeman. 



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A Girl, a Scholarship, and a Dream

A Girl, a Scholarship, and a Dream

The IAMAW Scholarship Competition is open each year to members of the IAM and their children throughout the United States and Canada under procedures and rules of eligibility explained in this Announcement. The IAM Scholarship Fund, which is used exclusively to make possible these awards, was established by the delegates of the 1960 IAM Grand Lodge Convention. More information can be found here.

A Girl, a Scholarship, and a Dream

As Rachel Steele prepares to earn her doctorate in 2022, she looks back on how much an IAM scholarship meant to her back in 2003. Her father, Thomas Steele, was working for Boeing that year and she was featured in the IAM Journal as one of several scholarship winners.  The younger Steele feels the timing of her PhD candidacy, her dad’s retirement, and the current call for scholarship applicants is special.

She says her father ”worked tirelessly when we were growing up. He had to travel a lot, so he wasn’t always home and now as an adult, I realize how much of a sacrifice that was.”

Rachel originally wrote to IAM District 837 President and Directing Business Representative Tom Boelling, looking for a way to thank her dad in a follow-up to the 2003 edition of the IAM Journal.

“We’re so proud of Rachel and what she’s accomplished,” Boelling said. “We congratulate her on reaching the highest academic level of her educational career and congratulate her father, Thomas, on his retirement from Boeing.”

“Thank you for having the foresight for creating a scholarship,” Rachel said. 

Her advice for applicants? “Have confidence, especially if you’re a first-generation student. You deserve the recognition. It’s an amazing privilege. Be true to yourself. Tell your story in your own voice. Everyone has a story.”

“Congratulations to both Rachel on her upcoming doctorate and Thomas on his much-deserved retirement,” said IAM Midwest Territory General Vice President Steve Galloway. “The IAM has always placed a high value on education, from funding scholarships for IAM members and their families to advocating for a national investment in skills training. Rachel’s story shows how important the IAM Scholarship is to so many IAM families. Any eligible members or their children may apply for this life-changing scholarship to college or technical school.”

To apply for the 2022 IAM Scholarship Competition, your packet must be completed and postmarked by February 11, 2022.

2022: A Year of Service to the Community

2022: A Year of Service to the Community

2022: A Year of Service to the Community

I hope you are all doing well and that 2022 brings you blessings. Staying safe and healthy is first and foremost. The uptick of the new Covid variant has made some of the work you all do more challenging, and know that remaining healthy and safe is a priority.

We had some phenomenal donations to Guide Dogs of America during the annual banquet in November 2021- BRAVO to all those locals that made very generous donations despite the difficulty in hosting events during Covid-19.

The Holidays were made JOYFUL, and many children have been blessed through the work of many Local Lodges along with the generous donations from our members. Hat’s off to all who participated. If you helped make the world a better place during the Holidays but haven’t shared your photos or a recap of what took place yet, please do so now- that way, we can highlight your area.

Ideas and motivation- does anyone need any inspiration to kick off a Drive or Event?

Does anyone have anything they would like to share as an idea?
We welcome all thoughts or even obstacles that we can assist in overcoming challenges and enhancing your events.

One question that has come up over the past year is whether or not two or more local lodges can join forces and help other locals with things like food and clothing drives. And the answer is YES! It would be great to work in tandem with other locals. This has been happening in some areas, and we would love to see more of it. If anyone is interested in that, please let me know, and I can facilitate that.

With all the areas we serve, many are in need. So let’s share our feedback and keep on serving our communities. Nothing is too small when helping those in need.

As always, Guide dogs of America is our union’s charity, and hosting an event to raise funds and awareness is always encouraged.
GDA does allow site visits and a tour to our members-showing all they do. If anyone is interested, please feel free to contact me.

In Solidarity,
Cristina Odoardi
DL141 Trustee/ Community Service Director 

Cristina Odoardi Trustee / Community Service Director Cell: (617) 593-2963

141 Report: Union Strong Sister in Hawaii

141 Report: Union Strong Sister in Hawaii

IAM District Lodge 141 Report with Host Dave Lehive is a weekly podcast featuring Machinist Union Members and Allies of the Labor Movement. Our Video report airs every Friday at 2:00 PM EST (1:00 CST) on Facebook and Youtube and is also on Spotify.

141 Report: Union Strong Sister in Hawaii

This week’s 141 Report catches up with Jen Romano, who represents Remote Reservations agents at United Airlines. We also have an update about Spirit Airlines – their recent ratification vote passed with an astonishing 98%! That agreement was signed into effect this week, marking a new era at the airline.

Hawaiian Airlines Negotiations Update

Hawaiian Airlines Negotiations Update

Hawaiian Airlines Negotiations Update

11 December 2021

Aloha sisters and brothers at Hawaiian Airlines,

On Friday, December 10, 2021, your joint negotiations committee met in Chicago to discuss the outstanding issues remaining from our last negotiations session in Las Vegas last month. While we made significant progress and closed most issues, we need to draft the final language to get us to the tentative agreements for both groups. We are getting dates in January to meet to complete this task. As soon as we have confirmed dates, we will let you know. We thank everyone for their patience and support as we bring these talks to a conclusion.

We wish everyone a happy and healthy holiday season!

In solidarity,

District 141

Arthur Croker
Shannon Robello
Stacey Williams
Meki Pei
Sione Olevao
Ku’ulei McGuire
Joy Himuro



District 142

Derek Morton
Robert Hetchman
David Calistro
David Figueira

Mike Klemm

President and Directing General Chair, District 141, International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers

Dave Supplee

President and Directing General Chair, District 142, International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers
Please print and post on all IAMAW Bulletin Boards.

141 Report: Alex Gerulis, Secretary Treasurer of IAMAW District 141

141 Report: Alex Gerulis, Secretary Treasurer of IAMAW District 141

IAM District Lodge 141 Report with Host Dave Lehive is a weekly podcast featuring Machinist Union Members and Allies of the Labor Movement. Our Video report airs every Friday at 2:00 PM EST (1:00 CST) on Facebook and Youtube and is also on Spotify.

141 Report: Alex Gerulis, Secretary Treasurer of IAMAW District 141

As Secretary-Treasurer, Alex Gerulis is responsible for the financial well-being of District 141 of the Machinists and Aerospace Union. Since 2016, under the oversight of Alex Gerulis, District 141 has become one of the best-managed and fiscally responsible union groups in the nation. 

This week, Secretary-Treasurer Gerulis tours the District Headquarters’ financial department, explaining how he and his staff maintain tight control over the fiscal health of the 38,000-member strong organization.