The Association Update

October 21, 2016

Sisters and Brothers,

The Fleet Service Committee met with American Airlines this week in Chicago.  After much discussion regarding cross utilization in the early part of the week, we made sufficient progress to engage in other areas of our negotiations.

In the meantime, the company has committed to meet with local leaders of the Association to discuss the specifics of cross utilization prior to implementation at a co-located city. We are asking the membership to be diligent in reporting any attempt of co-mingling to your respective union representative, and would like to thank our brothers on the M&R Association Committee for standing shoulder to shoulder in solidarity with us over the cross utilization issue.

In addition to cross utilization issue, the company passed the limited duty article to the committee, and extensive deliberations followed. We will not be accepting the company’s proposal because it disadvantages the members injured while performing duties on the job (IOD/OJI). We continued to exchange multiple existing proposals and spent considerable time discussing these articles.

This week we did reach a tentative agreement with the company on the language regarding temporary assignments, but it is undetermined at this time if this language will be a stand-alone article or incorporated into another article in the final JCBA.

The company has not responded to our last proposals on holidays and sick leave, and the outstanding issues include the number of holidays, the rate of pay, number of annual sick days accrued, and the cumulative maximum sick leave bank.

The following negotiation dates have been scheduled for the remainder of the year:

  • Week of October 24th – DFW
  • Week of November 7th – LAS
  • Week of November 14th – DFW
  • Week of December 5th – DCA
  • Week of December 12th – LAS


Mark Baskett, Mike Fairbanks, Pete Hogan,

Tim Hughes, Steve Miller, Brian Oyer,

Pat Rezler, Art Risley, Andre Sutton,

Rodney Walker, Bill Wilson, Tim Murphy

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