Fleet Service Negotiations Update

April 29, 2016

The TWU-IAM Association Fleet Negotiating Committee met this week with American Airlines in Washington, DC.

  • To date, the Association Fleet Committee has exchanged the following proposals with the company:
    • Sick Leave – Your committee exchanged its counter proposal to the company and is awaiting a response.
    • Temporary Employees – The parties previously exchanged proposals on this article and we remain far apart from an acceptable resolution.  The Committee has tabled this article for additional discussion.
    • Recognition of Rights – We have exchanged multiple proposals on this article and have made no headway with the company.  The article has been tentatively agreed to by the Maintenance and Related/Stores Committee, yet the company is proposing different language for the Fleet Service classification. This is not acceptable. We have tabled this article for additional discussion.
    • Hours of Service – We have received the company’s counter proposal on this article, which they included in Work Schedules.  The Committee’s position is that we will keep these as two separate articles. The company’s proposal also included shift trade language and we are working on our counter proposal.
    • The company did not provide us with any new counter proposals on the outstanding articles from our opening pass in December 2015.
  • This week, the Fleet Committee reached tentative agreement on the following article:
    • Grievance Procedures – After months of battling with the company, your Committee has achieved tentative agreement regarding this article that will give members additional protections.
  • Thus far, the Association Fleet Committee has tentative agreement on the following Articles:

Shift Differential

Leaves of Absence

Training, Travel Pay and Meal Per Diem

Grievance Procedures

Field Work

Meal Periods


Absence from Duty

System Board of Adjustment


Bulletin Boards

No Strike No Lockout

Fitness for Duty

Purpose of Agreement


Safety and Health



  • Our future Fleet negotiations dates and locations are as follows:
      • Week of May 9 in DCA
      • Week of May 16 in DFW
      • Week of May 23 in DFW
      • Week of June 13 in DFW
      • Week of June 20 in DCA
      • Week of June 27 in DFW


Mark Baskett, Mike Fairbanks, Pete Hogan,

Tim Hughes, Mike Mayes, Steve Miller,

Brian Oyer, Pat Rezler, Art Risley,

Andre Sutton, Rodney Walker, Bill Wilson

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