Fleet Service Negotiations Update

May 13, 2016

Sisters and Brothers,

The Association Fleet Committee met with American Airlines during the week of May 9th in Washington, D.C.

The company still has not provided us with any new proposals on the articles from our openers in December 2015. They have also not responded with counter- proposals to any of the outstanding articles. The only thing American Airlines management has done is continue to propose unacceptably weak contract language in articles throughout the agreement, and we will continue to reject such proposals.

This week, the Association Fleet Committee offered the following counter- proposals:

• We have made our counter proposal on Shift Trades to provide enhancements for the membership.

• We countered the company’s proposal on Hours of Work, and after several table discussions, the company is reviewing our language.

• We countered the company’s proposal on Work Schedules, and after several table discussions, the company is reviewing our proposal.

• We informed the company that we are not interested in Temporary Employees and our position has not changed to eliminate this provision. The company is currently unwilling to move from their position, with arguments that are baseless and contentious.

• The company has refused to change their position on the Sick Leave article. Your committee refuses to allow the company to treat us like second-class citizens regarding this important aspect of our contract.

Your committee received a visit from TWU International President and Association Vice Chair, Harry Lombardo, on Tuesday. He addressed the committee with his thoughts, and restated his commitment and support to the Association and these negotiations. While several articles remain unresolved, rest assured we will continue to fight for the best possible agreement for the members: we refuse to back down.

Our future Fleet negotiations dates and locations are as follows:

May 16 July 25 June 20
May 23 August 22 July 18
June 13 August 29
June 27
August 1
August 8



Mark Baskett, Mike Fairbanks, Pete Hogan,

Tim Hughes, Mike Mayes, Steve Miller,

Brian Oyer, Pat Rezler, Art Risley,

Andre Sutton, Rodney Walker, Bill Wilson

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