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March 19, 2020

Due to worsening circumstances surrounding the Coronavirus crisis in the United States, the TWU/IAM Association leadership has determined to make a change in the voting procedures for the ratification of the tentative Joint Collective Bargaining Agreements with American Airlines. This one-time change will convert the process from paper, in-person ballots to individual electronic voting.

This change will allow all eligible voters to cast a ballot in the ratification in a safe environment that is free of the threat of spreading the virus or becoming infected by it. Your safety is our top priority in this process.

The Association will utilize the same vendor for the process that is used by the National Mediation Board in their electronic representation elections, BALLOTPOINT. BALLOTPOINT will issue each voter a Personal Identification Number (PIN) by mail to their address on file with American Airlines. This mailing will include instructions of how each voter will use the BALLOTPOINT portal to vote.

BALLOTPOINT will also send an email to each voter’s American Airlines email account. Within that email will be the same PIN number sent by mail, along with voting instructions and a link to the BALLOTPOINT portal. A voter may sign on to their American Airlines email through JetNet on the day of the vote, open the BALLOTPOINT email, click on the link and be transferred to the secure portal for their voting purposes.

The email is being sent in case the PIN and voting instructions do not arrive by regular mail in time for you to vote.

Voting will be conducted beginning at 6:00 am Wednesday, March 25 and will conclude at 8:00 pm on Thursday, March 26.

This voting method is private and secure. Results of the vote will be provided to Association leadership promptly after the polls close and results will then be provided to our membership.

Questions should be directed to your local representatives.

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