Brothers and Sisters,

On behalf of the members of the TWU-IAM Association, we would like to extend our enthusiastic support for the Aircraft Maintenance Offshoring Bill, federal legislation that would support US aircraft maintenance workers. This bill is intended to draw attention to the airline industry-wide trend of offshoring aircraft maintenance.

“The TWU-IAM Association believes the offshoring of this maintenance work creates serious security issues and job concerns,” said Association Chair and Vice Chair Alex Garcia and Sito Pantoja respectively. “These jobs should be performed by American workers on American soil, not at foreign repair stations where FAA and US security oversight is lacking.”

The bill will do two things to draw attention to the issue: First, it would require airlines to disclose next to each flight for sale, on confirmation information, and boarding passes, the city and country and date in which the aircraft intended to fly a particular flight last underwent heavy maintenance. Secondly, it would require airlines to include on their website the cities and countries in which their fleet has undergone heavy maintenance in the last five years and the cities/countries in which the airline holds a contract for heavy maintenance.

“This bill will provide the necessary safeguards that will help ensure that all passengers have access to where and when their aircraft was serviced,” added Garcia and Pantoja. “We urge all members of Congress to support this bill and pass these strong reforms.”

This bill will be introduced today by Senator McCaskill and Representatives Garamendi (D-CA) and Donovan (R-NY).


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Alex Garcia
TWU International Executive Vice President
TWU/IAM Association Director

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Sito Pantoja
IAM General Vice President
TWU/IAM Association Vice Director


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