American Fleet Service Update

December 9, 2016

The committee exchanged proposals with the company this week on Vacations and Hours of Work. Although we didn’t reach a tentative agreement on these articles, we narrowed down the outstanding issues. The company committed to working on these proposals over the weekend and will present their counter proposals to your committee on Monday.
We also engaged in extensive discussions in preparation of our counter proposals for the Overtime and Reduction in Force articles. These two articles are vastly different in the current collective bargaining agreements.

During the week the company met with both negotiating committees over the true-up payments to the membership. There was a question and answer period along with examples of calculations given by the company’s finance department.
Our next negotiating session is scheduled for the week of December 12 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Future sessions are scheduled for the weeks of January 16 in Dallas and January 23 in Orlando.

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