District 141 has just been informed that United Airlines, in an effort to reduce the risk of possible transmission of any virus to our agents who interact with customers, will be installing personal barriers made of Plexiglas in the areas where our agents are most vulnerable. 

The following test locations have been chosen based on flight schedule:  IAD, ORD, SFO, LAX, DFW, PDX, and MCO. Twenty (20) podium guards and two (2) gate reader guards will be overnighted to each location and installed tomorrow. DEN will have its guards in place today, as they don’t need to be shipped.

Once in place, the company will immediately look for feedback on the effectiveness of the guards. When a decision is reached the company will start ordering the guards for all remaining stations. They will advise us of the rollout schedule as the guards are being manufactured. The company said they would like a test phase that enables them to get good feedback while still being able to expedite the process of installation.

The company has begun temperature checks for employees prior to starting their shift. EWR, LGA, MSY, IAH and SFO Base have started. Other locations will be coming online as they get the procedures and staff in place to ensure everyone’s safety. You will be receiving information from your specific locations station leadership prior to it being implemented.  When the District is informed of stations beginning more checks we will post it.


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