The Association Update

September 30, 2016

Sisters and brothers,

In last week’s communication, we stated the Association was shown the company’s presentation on its cross utilization scheme that violates our collective bargaining agreements and the interim wage adjustment agreements. This is a blatant attack by the company to prematurely impose synergies that can only come from a new joint collective bargaining agreement (JCBA). While our JCBA bargaining can be frustrating and sometimes confrontational, this tactic used by the company is disrespectful, dishonest and undermines the entire process.

At the company’s request, your committee met this week in Dallas/Fort Worth to continue the dialogue. The company informed us that they will present their cross utilization plans that includes crews comprised of a mix of legacy US Airways and American employees to management at the 13 co-locations: ATL, BOS, DCA, DFW, LAS, LAX, LGA, MCO, MIA, ORD, PHX, SFO, and TPA. We made it abundantly clear to the company that this action cannot be implemented without a joint collective bargaining agreement.

The committee continued to draft and finalize our proposals on the open articles, in addition to the cross utilization meetings. This week we informed the company that we will not have any further proposal exchanges until the cross utilization issue is resolved.

Your committee remains focused and ready to negotiate, while the company uses every tactic possible to stall the process. No decisions can be reached without one or two of them consulting with the true decision makers at headquarters. In fact, the Association has the personnel in place at negotiations to reach an agreement. American does not.

Your support is critical to the successful outcome of these negotiations and is greatly appreciated. As an Association, in solidarity, we must remain unified in this endeavor.


Mark Baskett, Mike Fairbanks, Pete Hogan,

Tim Hughes, Steve Miller, Brian Oyer,

Pat Rezler, Art Risley, Andre Sutton,

Rodney Walker, Bill Wilson, Tim Murphy

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