We, as members of District 141, are essential workers on the front lines every day. Just doing our job is not enough as we work through this COVID-19 pandemic. Our workplaces now mandate practices like social distancing, frequent hand washing, and sanitizing everything in sight. 

Misinformation and rumors can spread just as easily as the virus itself, so I’d like to speak about what experts recommend to protect ourselves, our loved ones at home and our fellow co-workers on the job.

This is neither a political view nor my personal view. I have been communicating with IAMAW members and our own Safety Departments from all the carriers represented by District 141. They have watched as the message from medical experts has evolved on the best ways to prevent the spread of the virus and have kept me informed. 

There is agreement that there is a very high likelihood of the virus being spread while in an enclosed area such as break rooms or ready rooms or other areas where it’s difficult to practice social distancing. There is also agreement that many people may not feel sick, may not show symptoms, and may not know they have contracted the virus while still working. 

The transmission of droplets, which may contain the virus, happens when people are just talking in a normal conversation. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) now recommends that everyone wear a mask whenever out in public when 6-feet separation between people is not possible.

I want every one of you to go home from work and be able to tell your loved ones that you are doing everything humanly possible to help prevent the spread of this virus. I, and the entire District 141 Executive Board, strongly encourage and recommend that facemasks be worn anytime you are in an enclosed area with fellow co-workers. 

My foremost concern is your health and well-being as we adapt to life during this pandemic. Protecting our industry and our jobs will require a collective effort from all of us. I ask the members of IAMAW District 141 to protect yourselves, protect your co-workers, and protect your loved ones who depend on you every day. 

Stay healthy and be safe,

Michael G. Klemm

President & Directing General Chair,
IAMAW District 141

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