IAM members at Philippine Airlines unanimously vote for contract.

October 25, 2016

Voting on the tentative agreement at Philippine Airlines was completed this week. IAM members at Philippine Airlines unanimously ratified the contract, which was signed today in San Francisco.

The contract creates wage increases for IAM members from 2016 through 2019, with retro payments back to July 2016. Highlights of the new agreement include a signing bonus of $500 per member, an increase in pension, an increase in laundry allowance and no increase in medical premiums, adding additional value to the contract.

District Lodge 141 President Mike Klemm would like to thank John Burgwinkel, IAM Committeeperson at Philippine Airlines and Secretary for negotiations for his continual dedication and hard work for IAM members. As well as Sister Sandy Olmos, AGC at District Lodge 141 and Brother Shawn Humpherys, Grand Lodge Representative for their expertize and support. President Klemm would also like to thank Jaime Bautista, President and COO of Philippine Airlines and his entire staff for their seamless negotiations through out the process.

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