Our focus is on Retirement and how to prepare for retirement. Retirement is an important issue for many of our folks – preparing for retirement isn’t just about money – it is also about being emotionally prepared and having a plan about what you will do and how you will stay active. Also you need a plan about how you will shift from your work being your primary purpose to having a new purpose. The resources on page two are good for exploring all aspects of the retirement planning process. If you are using an electronic version of Helping Hands, you will be able to access the resources by clicking on the titles of the resource – they are all links to the web sites.

As always, please encourage our co-workers to utilize the resources and to ask you to assist them if they need more resources. You can refer the hard questions to the Regional Representatives!

Thank you for your service to your co-workers – you will never know how you have helped many of them.

Bryan Hutchinson, M.S.

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