Standing Up For Union Members: Keith T.W. Anderko Explains How Union Plus Can Help 

Keith T.W. Anderko is the IAMAW’s Union Service Representative at Union Plus, which provides invaluable member-only benefits and discounts. 

Long before joining Union Plus, Keith was a campaign field organizer to elect labor-friendly candidates for public office.  He then worked with National Nurses United, organizing health care professionals in Right-To-Worse states across the US.  Keith used the Union Plus discount programs as a way to enhance his organizing campaigns, which brought over 5,000 RNs into the labor movement. 

He is proud of his labor heritage as a fourth-generation union member.  He lives in Silver Spring, Maryland with his wife, two children, and five cats. 

Union Plus Hardship Help

As we collectively battle the Coronavirus pandemic, our team at Union Plus is focused on providing you with resources to support you and your family. Participants in our Union Plus Mortgage, Credit Card, Personal Loan or supplemental insurance programs may be eligible for additional hardship assistance through our Mortgage Assistance Program or other Union Plus hardship assistance programs.

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