Roses are red,
Violets are Blue,
Valentine’s Day is this week,

And why is finding volunteers so hard?

Happy Valentine’s Day Week! We hope that everyone in your committee is spending some quality time with the people that you love most (next to family, of course) … your volunteers.

Here are three quick tips to help your committee find and keep the volunteers that you need so much:

Look Everywhere
Think your kids are too young? They may not be. Kids love filling envelopes and passing out refreshments. They are great technical experts, as well, so don’t automatically assume that your teenage daughter would be bored to death at your event. She probably knows more about social media and smart phones than most of the adults will, so think about asking her to staff a tech support desk, or work as a photographer.

On the other end of the age spectrum, retirees are also wonderful volunteers. In fact, the experience and interest level of retirees is unbeatable. Retirees often love interacting with old friends, and knowing that they are still valued and important. Always keep retirees in mind when you are trying to find someone with a little free time and lots of expert knowledge.

Remember: you have to actually ask for volunteers! This is probably the most important part of searching for help. Maybe the worst mistake you can make when you are asking for volunteers is thinking that you already did. Ask again. 

Communicate Clearly
Make sure that everyone knows exactly what will be expected of them. Volunteers will quickly lose interest if they are not sure what they are doing at your event. Don’t let them drift around – make sure that they are doing something that keeps their interest and that they find rewarding. Make sure they know exactly when they need to be there, who they need to talk to, and how long they will be needed.

Stick to the Plan
Make sure that you respect your volunteers time. If they needed to leave the event at 3:00, don’t ask them to help clean up until 4:00. Stick to the agreed-upon schedules, and make sure that any deviations from the plan are changes that everyone will be happy with.

Volunteers love to understand everything that they will be involved in. They love knowing exactly where to go when they arrive, and exactly what they will be doing.

To try and make the work of finding volunteer leads a little easier, the District 141 Community Service Department is building a nationwide registry of potential volunteers. We are asking anyone interested in volunteer work at their local lodge to sign up, so that we can help connect them to their local committees.

We hope it helps!
Hope your week is an excellent one!

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