To help collect the kind of information that can create a safer workplace, United and Hawaiian Airlines use a program called “GSAP.” (“Ground Operations Safety Action Program.”)

The GSAP allows employees to report safety concerns directly to Federal regulators and company decision makers who can then track injuries, their causes and suggest potential fixes. GSAP reporting is a great tool, that has put the power to enforce safety rules back into the hands of front-line workers.

But what about airlines that do not have a GSAP as an option for their workers?

IAM Members that do not have GSAP reporting at their airline can now report injuries, unsafe facilities or equipment and other safety related concerns to safety experts at District 141. This can be done with the UnionSafe program.

The UnionSafe reporting program, developed at Local 1776 (PHL), tracks injuries and safety complaints at member airlines around the nation. The program works like this:


An airline employee sees unsafe equipment or conditions at work, and reports their concerns to a supervisor immediately.


To make sure that the issue is recorded and tracked, the employee can use their smartphone to send the information (including a photo) anonymously to the UnionSafe website.


The information will be stored and tracked by IAM members. If needed, it can be used in Grievance hearings, OSHA complaints and other safety actions.

The data collected in the UnionSafe program is already making airline work safer for thousands of IAM members, and can offer valuable safety tools when a GSAP is not available.

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