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United Members, Have You Filled Out a GSAP This Week?

What are We Doing as A Union?

We are facing the COVID-19 pandemic together.

Every Union Member, every elected Union Official, everyone. Together, we are sharing information, talking to lawmakers, and making sure they understand the priorities of airline workers on the front lines of this crisis. As 42 thousand people working in union, we have the power to make a difference.

Tell Us What Your Local Lodge, Committee or Workplace is Doing to Fight C-19 and Protect Our Industry:

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Association Update: JCBA Voter Guide

Association Update: JCBA Voter Guide

ASSOCIATION UPDATE /// March 23, 2020 As we move closer to the ratification vote for the Joint Collective Bargaining Agreements with American Airlines, we wanted to provide the members with a sample of the information that will be provided over the next few days via...

March Helping Hands EAP Newsletter: Coping With Coronavirus

March Helping Hands EAP Newsletter: Coping With Coronavirus

EAP Peer Coordinators:   Coronavirus has changed everything. All Airlines have experienced a severe drop off of load factors associated with reduced flying due to governmental flying restrictions.   This special edition addresses the situation by looking at how to...

URGENT: Tell Congress to Save Airline Jobs

URGENT: Tell Congress to Save Airline Jobs

IAMAW Transportation Territory ///Dear Sisters and Brothers, In response to the unprecedented destruction of demand for air travel due to COVID-19, US airlines are considering draconian measures to combat the novel coronavirus pandemic. US airlines have slashed...


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