The members of Local 1776 (PHL) are holding advanced Shop Steward training classes today, with a special focus on improving workplace safety. With the tools that IAM141 activists are building, every airline worker can double as an independent safety inspector, making their workplaces safer and holding their companies accountable.

Legal experts also explained the impact that worker’s compensation and workplace injury laws can have on the PHL station.

EAP Rep Joe Washburn was available to explain how the IAM141 EAP Program works, and the various services that they provide to members who need help. The EAP provides free and anonymous assistance to IAM141 members who need expert guidance on a wide range of issues, including substance abuse challenges, mental health concerns and more.

IAM141 Legislative Director Dave Roderick explained how recent public policy decisions may affect airline workers, and how all IAM141 members can get involved in political action with the IAM141 MNPL.

To find out if there is an upcoming advanced training class at your Local, get in touch with your Local Lodge President. To find out more about the IAM141 Education Department, check out the Education Page.

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