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Thank You For Taking Action. Here’s Some More Information.

First, Crewmembers must authorize a union vote

Before a union election can happen at JetBlue Ground Ops, a majority of your coworkers must authorize it.

Authorizing a union vote is done by petition. To support the petition, fill out and return an Authorization Card.

Once a vote is authorized, an election must happen

Once a majority of Crewmembers at Ground Ops have authorized a union election, IAMAW Organizers will deliver the signed cards to the Federal Government, triggering a vote at JetBlue. 

JetBlue will try to stop you from joining the Machinists and Aerospace Union. We’re counting on it.

JetBlue is trying to eliminate Lead and critical training jobs. They’ve announced pay and benefit freezes. They’ve begun outsourcing entire work areas. As a union, we’re telling executives that we are going to organize around these issues. If they don’t reverse these exploitative actions, we think that Ground Ops will join the IAMAW and negotiate these positions and benefits back. 

Or, executives could try and ‘beat the union’ by voluntarily returning Lead and Training positions, and restoring lost pay and benefits. Thus, taking away an important campaign issue.

Either way, we will not allow this level of exploitation and abuse to contaminate our industry. The Machinists and Aerospace Union cannot allow JetBlue to put downward pressure on airline wages and working conditions.  

Only through a strong union movement can we push back on worker exploitation in commercial aviation.

Here are a few more details.

First, a majority of Crewmembers at Ground Ops must petition the Federal Government to allow a union vote.  This is done by signing and returning “Authorization Cards.” Once enough cards have been signed and returned, a majority of Crewmembers will have to vote to join a union once again, this time in a formal election.

The National Mediation Board, an agency of the Federal Government, requires that at least 50% of employees within a job classification company-wide (i.e. AO or GO Crewmembers) show interest in joining a union by signing an Authorization Card, also called an “A-Card.” These cards expire quickly, so it’s a good idea to renew your authorization once every 6 months. Authorization Cards must be completely deleted after one year.

The second test that must be passed is the actual election among Crewmembers — which determines for a second time that they want to join a union. This is usually done by telephone. Crewmembers will be given a toll-free number to call and a Personal ID Number, which can be used to cast a vote. Voting normally will happen 30 days after all the signatures have been certified.

Signing cards is the critical first step.  In order to win a legally binding contract, and be awarded the legal rights that come with union membership, please sign a card today. Get a card sent to you right now with the “Request a Union Authorization Card” form on this page. We will either mail it to your address or meet you in person. If you would like to have extra authorization cards to share with coworkers, just meet with any IAM Organizer. They will be happy to keep you supplied with as many as you need. 

Thank you for your activism. 

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