Mr. Hayes,

The International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers (IAM), District 141, has become aware of JetBlue’s plan to outsource the work of JetBlue employees in “smaller BlueCities,” which JetBlue failed to identify in its memo. I think it is unconscionable that after taking approximately $1 billion of taxpayer funded airline bailout money that you now turn your back on the essential frontline JetBlue workers who have served our nation so bravely during the worst health crisis in modern history.

I think it’s vital that everyone knows what’s going on here. You are NOT upending the lives of these JetBlue workers because you are cutting some staff to meet reduced demand for air travel. You are cutting ALL these workers and bringing in LOWER PAID workers, who likely are earning minimum wage with no benefits, to do the jobs of JetBlue workers. Classic greed.

Even worse, you are using the COVID-19 pandemic as an excuse.

I call on you to do what is right and maintain JetBlue workers in these “smaller BlueCities.” They were there for us when we needed them most. They were there to load medical supplies on flights, to transport medical professionals to where they needed to be to treat sick people and to otherwise keep our nation’s air transportation system operating. They deserve better treatment and to remain employed in the cities where they and their families live.

In the memo announcing this misguided plan from VP of Airports Experience, Mike Parkinson, to JetBlue employees, he claims, “Taking care of impacted Crewmembers is our priority.” If you truly want to take care of JetBlue employees, then don’t outsource their work and don’t upend their lives and the lives of their families. Keep them working where they live.

You can be sure that the IAM will do everything in its power to fight this unbelievably cruel plan.


Michael G. Klemm

President & Directing General Chair
IAMAW District 141

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