The federal aid package presented by the Senate, which is expected to be voted on shortly contains a huge problem that could affect every airline worker in the United States. The proposed legislation currently has NO protection against opening up existing collective bargaining agreements if an airline seeks a loan or loan guarantee.

A self-proclaimed labor leader is spiking the ball, claiming victory and credit, but obviously DOES NOT understand what’s missing in the legislation that she is taking credit for.

The text of the bill states, “A loan, loan guarantee, or other investment by the Secretary shall be made under this section in such form and on such terms and conditions and contain such covenants, representations, warranties, and requirements (including requirements for audits) as the Secretary determines appropriate.”

“This means the Secretary of the Treasury could demand that contracts be renegotiated and concessions made before loans, loan guarantees or investments are made. This is exactly what we were working to avoid. This needs to be fixed now or it could result in airline workers taking steep concessions.

Please contact your elected officials and ask them to ensure that the loan component of the federal aid package has the same language as the grant component of the package. You may contact your representative HERE, courtesy of

We must act now to clean up the mess made by other so-called labor leaders.

Please print and post on all IAMAW Bulletin Boards.
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