Peer EAP Coordinators:

Continuing our effort to anticipate the needs of our members, this special edition focuses on finances. Specifically, prioritizing how you spend money during critical situations and being able to survive a crisis. There is a list of governmental resources that can help increase awareness of special orders to financial institutions that may help with the mortgage, rent, IRS income tax deferrals, and the possibility of checks mailed to everyone making less than $100,000 last year.

Finally, there are a few ideas on financial preparedness and decisions to avoid that could make your situation worse.

All of these ideas came from one web site: Normally, I would not promote a financial web site, but this site is dedicated to helping people weather difficult financial situations and helping people become finically savvy. It is good information. The underlined text in the body of the newsletter can serve as a link to some of the site’s resources – if you have an electronic copy. Use your cursor to “hover” over the underlined text until your cursor becomes a pointer – then click on the link.

We are several weeks into the coronavirus crisis, most metropolitan areas are under some kind of “stay in place” orders (not including transportation workers) and there is some reason for hope. China and South Korea appear to have effectively dealt with the outbreak and are beginning to restart businesses. We have a long road ahead, I believe we will get through this – it’s going to take all of us believing in each other.

I hope each of you and your families are safe and free of the virus. Please know how much I appreciate everything you are doing! I am grateful to have such a dedicated and talented group of people focused on helping others through the most difficult and challenging time we have faced in a decade.

Bryan Hutchinson,
IAMAW District 141 EAP Director


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