District Lodge 141 Certifies Ratification Vote

DL141 Update, April 22, 2016

District Lodge 141 certified that DL141 members covered by United Airlines contracts overwhelmingly ratified their Collective Bargaining Agreements.

The five-year accords run through 2021 and provide industry-best wages, work protections and retirement security, among other improvements.

The IAM has ratified 14 separate contracts for seven separate classifications covering approximately 30,000 workers since the merger of United, Continental and Continental Micronesia in 2010. Through two successful rounds of bargaining, IAM members have achieved wage and pension increases of more than 40 percent and industry-best work protection, among many other improvements.

Results of ratification vote for UAL CBA’s
Passenger Service 87.1%
Fleet Service 84.7%
Stores 79.7%
CLP 97.8%
Maintenance Instructors 96.4%
Fleet Technical Instructors 100%
Security Officers 93.9%
Food Service 68.4%
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