District 141 EAP Expands American Airlines Services With Two New Appointments

District 141 of the Machinists Union is expanding its Employee Assistance Program with two new regional appointments. Effective August 1, Kendall Tuckett and Maria Davis have accepted positions as Regional EAP Coordinators for Union Members at American Airlines.

“These are two of the most talented and experienced advocates in our system,” said American-side EAP Chairman Chris Davis. “They both have long standing reputations as patient listeners and have provided a strong voice for those around them who might need someone in their corner,” he said. “Nobody is perfect all the time,” he continued, “and sometimes things aren’t ok. Kendall and Maria have proven to me that they can be there when it counts.”

“The EAP isn’t just there to help people deal with drug and alcohol issues,” he explained, pointing out that the EAP is set up to help connect union members to a wide range of professional services. The experience Kendall Tuckett and Maria Davis have developed over the years in dealing with the full range of challenges members may face helped guide his decision to recommend them for regional coordinators for the East and West Coast Employee Assistance Program. “We’re here to try and change lives,” he said. 

Maria Davis is no stranger to advocacy work. Before being named East Coast Regional EAP Coordinator, she served as EAP Representative at American Airlines for her home Local, Liberty Lodge 1776 in Philadelphia. There, she honed her skills as a kind and patient advocate, helping her fellow union members as they dealt with mental health issues, substance dependency, and other personal crises that affected their ability to earn a living for their families. 

Her commitment to service has driven her from the start, leading her to become a Union Steward in her first year as a ramp worker at US Airways (later American Airlines), a position she took up in 2005.

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By 2007, she had begun working as an educator, able to patiently guide coworkers through FAA-mandated online trainings. That same year, she expanded her work to include safety activism. By 2017, she had been elected to the position of Recording Secretary and served on the Grievance Committee of Liberty Lodge.

“There is no greater feeling than knowing that you can be relied on and make a difference in someone else’s life,” Davis said. “Not everyone knows what or which direction to turn, and that’s ok. All of us can need a little help, and I’m honored to be trusted with this responsibility.”


Kendall Tuckett has used her skills as a “people person” to offer friendly, supportive assistance to those who come to her for help, dating back to the late nineties when she worked at Southwest Airlines. In 2005, she carried these skills to America West Airlines (later American Airlines) when she was hired as a fleet service worker.

Naturally fearless, Tuckett did not hesitate to step up when she determined there was a need for more EAP assets at her Local Lodge. Well known as an energetic and professional Local, Sky Harbor Lodge 2559 in Phoenix, Arizona, immediately found a way for her to get involved; by becoming an EAP Representative herself. “When I first heard about the EAP program, we did not have an active Volunteer,” Tuckett said. “I decided to get involved and help the members.” 

She began helping connect members of Sky Harbor Lodge with referrals, explaining how to obtain treatment options, and quickly built a reputation as a compassionate listener and a reliable advocate. “A lot of people just needed someone to hear them,” she said. “I enjoy being helpful,” she said, “and cheering people on as they return to work and recovery.”

Davis and Tuckett were recommended for the Regional positions by American-side EAP Chairman Chris Davis. The Programs District Director, Bryan Hutchinson, forwarded the recommendation to District 141 President Mike Klemm, who made the appointments official as of August 1. 

“These new Regional Coordinators have been a powerful voice for those in need for years,” Klemm said. “I’m honored to have the opportunity to appoint them to these positions, where I know they will add incredible value to Bryan’s team of EAP Representatives.” 



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