Chicago Local 1487 hopes to raise awareness, as well as funds, in support of Guide Dogs of America and the social activism of the MNPL.

The event included a raffle, golf outing and a special guest appearance by Stetson, a Golden Labrador retriever that loves to help visually impaired people live more autonomous lives. Guide Dogs of America Trainer Kim Gezzi was proud to show off Stetson to the attendees, explaining that he had almost completed his training and would soon be paired with a blind person.

Guide Dogs of America is completely non-profit, and is funded entirely through the work of activists and donor support. The organization raises service dogs from puppyhood all the way through to placement.

Praising the efforts of Local 1487, Gezzi said, “Events like this are amazing fundraisers for us, as these dogs are raised, trained, and provided to the blind at no charge to them.”

IAM141 MNPL Director Dave Roderick was also raising money and awareness of the urgent need for Machinists to make their voices heard as public policy decisions are being made. Local 1487 President Tony Licciardi pointed out that “no matter what, we want people representing us in congress, no matter if they are Republican or Democrat.”

Licciardi thanked the more than 130 attendees who came out in support of the event, saying that programs such as the golf outing, “gives us a chance to recognize one another out here on the course – not just as union guys, but just as members out here having a great time.”

Local 1487 is home to some of the most active fundraisers in the nation, with golf outings, car shows, and other events a regular part of the Chicago Local’s Activism. If you are a member of Local 1487 and would like to volunteer, please contact President Tony Licciardi or attend the regularly scheduled 1487 Monthly Business Meetings. Meetings are held on the first Tuesday of each month at 3:00PM, and the 3rd Tuesday at 9:30 AM at the Local Lodge Offices, located at 50 West Oakton St., Des Plaines, Il.

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