When airlines spend millions to influence public policy, they don’t always have the best interests of their workers in mind. 

The Machinists Union Non-Partisan Political League was formed to ensure that airline workers are not forgotten as critical legislation is drafted.

Activists like District 141 Legislative Director Dave Roderick have worked from the MNPL to help advance the interests of front-line airline workers around the nation. Thanks to these efforts, gate agents are better protected from assault and more airline workers are getting adequate rest periods, protecting their safety and that of the flying public. These victories have helped improve the entire industry.

But, there’s still more work to do. Airline workers are under threat by well funded corporate lobbyists. Our pensions, our health care, and our contracts are under constant threat. Your help is urgently needed.

Visit the MNPL tab at IAM141.org to sign up for voluntary, recurring donations to the IAM141 MNPL.

And, Thank You For Your Support

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