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Activism and Media
Summer, 2022

Machinists Union Members at our Nation’s Airlines are some of the most talented workers in the world! We want to put those talents in focus for everyone to see!

We are always looking for high-quality photos on all our media platforms! Your pictures could appear in our print, online and social media, showcasing your talent and workplace pride. Select images will be proudly displayed at our District Headquarters in Chicago, Illinois!

Images should be high-quality, but we’re not looking for perfection – newer cellphone shots are great! Pics of Machinists Union Members in action, loving our work and doing it better than anyone else are precisely the images we’re looking for.

Remember to tell us your name, work area, and local lodge so we can give you the credit you deserve!

SEND YOUR HIGH-QUALITY ACTION SHOTS TO US WITH THE FORM BELOW! (Or email them to us at Whichever’s easier.)



Photography Submission Form

Remember to follow all applicable workplace and privacy rules. SAFETY FIRST!

Click or drag a file to this area to upload.
Having trouble with this uploader? Just email your shots to us at
I attest that these images were captured in accordance with any applicable laws, regulations, policies, or rules. I attest that I am sending the image(s) in my capacity as an individual, and am not portraying myself to be an agent of any company, business or enterprise that may be depicted. As far as I am aware, all persons depicted are 18 years of age or older, or are not shown in a reckless or scandalous manner that might bring any disrepute to them or their guardians.

I hereby grant the IAMAW District 141, its directors, officers, employees, agents, and designees (collectively “The Union, The District, the IAM, The IAMAW, etc.”) non-revocable permission to use my image and likeness in videotapes, motion pictures, recordings, or any other media (collectively “Images”). I acknowledge that District 141 will own such Images and further grant the District 141 permission to copyright, display, publish, distribute, use, modify, print and reprint such Images in any manner whatsoever related to Union business, including without limitation, publications, advertisements, brochures, web site images, or other electronic displays and transmissions thereof. I further waive any right to inspect or approve the use of the Image by District 141 prior to its use. I forever release and hold District 141 harmless from any and all liability arising out of the use of the Images in any manner or media whatsoever, and waive any and all claims and causes of action relating to use of the Images, including without limitation, claims for invasion of privacy rights or publicity.

I hereby warrant that I am eighteen (18) years old or more and competent to contract in my own name or, if I am less than eighteen years old, that my parent or guardian has signed this release form below. This release is binding on me and my heirs, assignees and personal representatives.

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