Sisters and Brothers,

United Airlines informed its employees today that the airline will reduce its international flight schedule by 20 percent and its domestic flight schedule by 10 percent in April, and have begun planning similar reductions for the month of May. These reductions are in response to the global outbreak of Coronavirus (COVID-19).

United management is offering voluntary, unpaid leaves for active, non-probationary, US-based employees. Management has also instituted a hiring freeze, and postponed salary increases.

Please know that these salary freezes DO NOT affect IAM-represented United employees.

IAM contracts are in full force and unaffected, and all provisions in our contracts must be followed. It is also important to note there are no plans for involuntary furloughs.

I would like all IAM members at United to know that your union is here for you. We have weathered many storms together and we will get through this one as we have done in every other instance. Please know that your IAM representatives are here to answer questions that you may have and the Union’s EAP program is always available for members during times of stress.

I will work closely with United management, and I will make sure all IAM members at United Airlines are fully informed of all developments. In the coming days, IAM District 141 will inform members of measures that we will take to ensure our members’ interests at United Airlines are well protected.

While today’s news is not what any airline worker wants to hear, we have confidence in United’s leadership to make the right decisions to protect the best interests of United employees and the airline.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact your local union committee. For the latest on COVID-19, please visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Website, Coronavirus Disease 2019 webpage.


Michael G. Klemm
President & Directing General Chairman
IAMAW, District Lodge 141

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