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30,000 Machinists Union Members at United Reach Historic Deal

United Ground Express

United Ground Express is a company owned by United Airlines, helping with many ground operations tasks across the United States. This partnership helps manage resources and make operations run smoothly within a strict set of agreements between United management and unified employees within UGE and United Airlines.

Hard-working United Ground Express employees help create a reliable travel experience for passengers, ensuring their travel needs are met professionally and courteously. 

United Airlines and United Ground Express each have their own roles within the larger company structure. They must follow strict rules and regulations that govern unified workplaces within the airline industry.

Contractually-protected work at United Airlines cannot be performed by any workgroup other than those covered by the various United CBA’s. However, United Ground Express workers will be given preferential hiring considerations over applicants from the street if they seek employment at United Airlines. 

The Dawn of the Machinists Union

The Dawn of the Machinists Union

The Dawn of the Machinists UnionIn the smoky workshops of late 19th century America, a revolution was brewing. The Industrial Age, with its booming factories and powerful railroads, had brought both progress and hardship.The Dawn of the Machinists UnionIAM141.org 14...

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