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Good morning, Sisters and Brothers of United Airlines,

As you may know, our contracts with United do not expire. However, they can be amended and improved after a determined date.

Article 11 of our Collective Bargaining Agreements (Article 12 in the Maintenance Instructor Agreement) sets December 31, 2021, as the amendable date for these contracts. According to those same articles, we can enter negotiations up to 18 months early. In March 2020, representatives from IAM District Lodge 141 and United Airlines agreed to open all seven contracts for early negotiations. This would have allowed approximately 28,000 IAM members to enter an expedited collective bargaining process to improve the agreements in a much quicker timeframe than usual.

Unfortunately, the crisis caused by COVID-19 disrupted this process. We decided to reassess and focus our efforts on mitigating the worst effects of the pandemic on our membership at United.

United Airlines and the IAM remain committed to expedited negotiations under the new timeline. We will do this in accordance with the previously mentioned articles, and with each party retaining its rights to open negotiations under the terms of the current CBAs and Section 6 of the Railway Labor Act.

As usual, IAM members at United will decide which bargaining items will be prioritized. Every member in good standing will be surveyed and have an opportunity to add their voice during the contract proposal process. Any outcome must recognize IAM members at United as major drivers of the company’s success over the past five years, especially during the last year.

If we cannot reach agreements through the expedited negotiations process, the IAM will open the contracts via the normal Section 6 process under the Railway Labor Act. If expedited negotiations are terminated, the IAM will open the contracts immediately in accordance with the Railway Labor Act.

IAM members are advised to check our District Website and sign up for email updates, so they can remain informed.

As always, whichever way we arrive at an agreement with the carrier, the membership will have the final say and vote on any tentative agreements that are reached.

In Solidarity,

Michael G. Klemm
President and Directing General Chair,
IAMAW District 141