Let’s Talk: Participate in Our District 141 Communications Study

5 May 2022

Maintaining open communication channels and an environment that encourages solidarity is critical for unions negotiating industry-leading contracts with billion-dollar firms.

A solid communication strategy allows union members to stay engaged and active. Making sure everyone can see the big picture and the vital role individual members play in the overall success of the union can often hinge on getting the basics of communications right.

Effective union communication can help get everyone on the same page and move forward with solidarity toward the same goal. But, “Getting it Right” in terms of communications isn’t always easy. It takes a lot of work.

Please take a few moments to tell us if we’re getting it right in terms of communication. Are you getting the information you need when you need it? What forms of outreach can we be using to communicate? What can we do better? Let us know by participating in this short Communications Study.


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