Spirit / JetBlue Merger Statement

28 July 2022

To our Sisters and Brothers of Spirit Airlines,

This morning, JetBlue Airways and Spirit Airlines announced plans to merge to create the nation’s fifth largest carrier. Spirit Airlines shareholders yesterday rejected Frontier Airlines’ bid to merge and cleared the way for JetBlue’s $3.8 billion all-cash offer to combine the two carriers. The deal still needs the required regulatory approval. The airlines expect to conclude the regulatory process and hope to close the transaction no later than the first half of 2024.

Regardless of if and when this merger gets finalized, it’s vital that our IAM members at Spirit Airlines know that we will ensure your contract is enforced during this process and your rights will be defended as stated under Article 1, paragraph G of your collective bargaining agreement, which states;

  1. In the event of any merger of the Company with another airline, acquisition of the Company by another airlines, or acquisition by the Company of another airline, which affects the seniority rights of the employees covered by this Agreement, the parties will make their best efforts to integrate the seniority lists in a fair and equitable manner including, where applicable, agreement through collective bargaining between the carriers and the representatives of the employee groups affected. In the event of failure to agree, the dispute shall be resolved in accordance with Sections 2, 3, and 13 of the Allegheny-Mohawk Labor Protective Provisions.
  2. Upon announcement of any transaction which is intended to result in the consolidation of the Company with another air carrier, the parties will meet promptly to negotiate an appropriate fence agreement and to implement a seniority integration process as described above. These discussions shall not be a prerequisite for closing or completing a transaction under this Article.

It’s important that you know nothing will change under your contract until the federal government approves the merger and all potential representation disputes are concluded.

Furthermore, IAM District Lodge 141 is very close to filing a representation election for JetBlue’s ramp/fleet service workers. Any help you can provide us in gaining the needed authorization cards can only help to ensure that this proposed merger would give everyone a seat at the table and offer you the peace of mind you deserve.

In Solidarity,

Mike Klemm

President and Directing General Chair,

IAMAW District 141

Recording Secretaries: Please print and post on all Union Bulletin Boards.

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