November Helping Hands: Well-Being

EAP Peer Coordinators:

     This month we cover well-being. Many companies are stepping up and realizing that retaining high-caliber employees means offering benefits that are attractive and help retain people. The focus is on the different aspects of well-being – emotional, physical, social and work are a few examples. Please share this with your groups and feel free to put your contact information on the placard on page 2 so they know who to contact. I included both the PDF and .docx versions – so you can customize the issue with your contact information. 
       The holidays look to be a roller coaster ride this year – please be sure to do the things you need to to take good care of yourselves. Our co-workers may be experiencing difficult circumstances, and we can be a good source of information and referrals to “ease” the way. As always, your EAP leadership team is here to support your efforts. Please don’t hesitate to call Chris Davis, Tony Rodriguez, myself, or any of the EAP Regional team with any questions or situations. 

       Thank you for the time you are dedicating to EAP and helping others. I believe helping others is core to all of our purpose! 



Bryan Hutchinson, M.S.



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