Dear United team member,

We are pleased to share some good news about steps United has taken to strengthen the IAM National Pension Fund and protect your retirement benefits.

Over the last several weeks, United has met with the IAM to discuss the issues facing the IAM National Pension Fund.  As a result of our collaborative discussions, United and the IAM have jointly agreed to the NPF’s Preferred Schedule of the Rehabilitation Plan.  This means that United chose to increase the Company’s financial contribution to ensure your future monthly benefit at age 65 will not be reduced because of the Rehabilitation Plan.

United does not make this commitment lightly, but it reflects the loyalty of the company and its leaders to the men and women who have worked so hard to ensure the success of the airline we love.

IAM District 141 Union Representatives have been briefed by representatives of the IAM National Pension Plan and will be in the field meeting with employees and answering questions over the coming weeks. Contact your IAM District 141 office for more details.

In addition, the IAM NPF has created a video to help explain the Rehabilitation Plan in more detail. If you have additional questions please contact the IAM NPF directly at 866-262-1296.

Mike Klemm                                                           Zachery Jones

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