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In August, 2016, United Airlines posted vacancies for management positions in Denver to perform tower work. In Denver, IAM-represented Station Operations Representatives (SORs) perform tower work and this work is protected under the 2016-2021 IAM-United collective bargaining agreement.

On August 18, 2016 Assistant General Chairman, Rich Robinson and Vice President West, Terri Crandall, who also serves as the Passenger Service Committee-Person in Denver, filed a grievance.

The grievance argued that this specific work was the work of IAM members, and the transition of this work to management was a violation of Article 2 and Letter of Agreement (LOA) 9 of the Agreement.

Management denied the grievance, citing a previous agreement with former President and Directing General Chairman, Rich Delaney. Management argued this agreement permitted the transition of this tower work to management in ORD, SFO, DEN and LAX.

The Union vehemently disagreed and submitted the matter to arbitration.

Hearings were held in Chicago on December 6, 2016, and in Los Angeles on January 9-10, 2017. Both parties then had time to illustrate their post hearing briefs before the case was fully put in the arbitrator’s hands on April 4, 2017.

I am pleased to inform the membership that the arbitrator ruled in our favor. This decision saved 22 IAM members’ jobs in DEN and LAX and reinforced our job security language in Article 2 and LOA 9, recently bargained in the 2016-2021 IAM-United Agreements.

The decision also permitted the Company to continue to perform tower work by management employees in SFO and ORD. The ruling stated that since the work was transitioned before the 2016-2021 contract, the Company had the right to continue to have management employees perform this work.

I would like to thank Assistant General Chairpersons Rich Robinson and Terry Stansbury, Vice President West Terri Crandall, Grand Lodge Representative Mike Manzo, Airline Coordinator Tim Klima and General Vice President Sito Pantoja for their assistance with this case. I’d also like to thank Secretary-Treasurer, Alex Gerulis, for sitting on the arbitration panel and the law firm of Guerrieri, Clayman, Bartos & Parcelli, PC for their incredible work in this case.

Fraternally yours,

Michael G. Klemm
President & Directing General Chairman
IAMAW District Lodge 141

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