The Machinists Union Calls on Biden Administration to Approve New United Route to Cape Town, South Africa

23 May 2022

United Airlines is asking the Biden Administration to approve a new route from Washington, Dulles International, to Cape Town South Africa.

International President Robert Martinez, Jr. sent a letter to United States Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg to champion United Airlines’ application for international flights to Cape Town, South Africa, from Dulles International near Washington D.C.

“United’s proposal for consistent and reliable flights between the two destinations will greatly benefit the Washington, DC metro region and beyond,” stated Martinez. “In addition, this approval would strengthen the work our members do at Dulles and elsewhere.”

Read the full letter.

The proposed tri-weekly 14.5-hour flights will provide the vital union jobs the Biden administration has promised to protect. In addition, many hard-working IAM members will service this route which aims to tie government, business, and cultural ties that current competing airlines cannot match.

“Being United Airlines’ longest direct flight destination is historic,” said Air Transport Territory General Vice President Richard Johnsen. “The IAM will continue to advocate for this approval from the Department of Transportation, which supports solid union jobs for our members.”

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