Thank You For Taking Action. Here’s Some More Information.

Voting Begins on December 21.

Voting will begin as soon as the first ballots get mailed out, on December 21.

Voting will continue until 2:00 on February 2023. If you have not received your voting instructions and ballot by Monday, December 26, 2022, please notify a union organizer ASAP, and we will contact you and make sure you get a Duplicate Ballot Request form. IAM organizers across the system have these forms and will arrange to get one to you as quickly as possible.

Am I Eligible to Vote?

All JetBlue Ground Operations Crewmembers hired on or before September 17, 2022, will be eligible to vote.

How will the vote be conducted?

The vote will be conducted by mail ballot. It is important that we have our most current address updated with JetBlue, as JetBlue will give the NMB the address it currently has on file when it is time for the NMB to mail us our ballot.

It is also important to know that we will vote by secret ballot and that our vote is confidential. JetBlue management is prohibited under federal law from ever knowing how we voted, or if we voted.

Sample Ballot and Instructions

The National Mediation Board (NMB) will stop counting ballots at 2:00 PM on February 1. The NMB is very strict, and all ballots must be filled out exactly as instructed in order to be counted.

Video: Here’s What to Expect When You Vote

The Machinists Union held its Grand Lodge Convention in Las Vegas this week. This year, District 141 was recognized with a special award for its efforts at union organizing. District President, Mike Klemm, was specifically honored for his pioneering efforts in growing the Union, which is expected to add more than ten thousand new union members over the next few years.




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Justice Department Expected to Block JetBlue / Spirit Merger

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