July Helping Hands: Cultural Awareness

EAP Peer Volunteers:

For July we address Cultural Awareness. Culture is defined, and why being culturally aware is important and how to develop cultural awareness are covered. All of us can benefit by increasing our knowledge of other cultures, their practices, and how cultures can successfully interact. As EAP peers we can all help when there is tension because of cultural differences. We can also help when those tensions boil over. Let’s try to help by identifying differences and how they can be positive as they are understood. 

I hope you have had a safe and uneventful 4th of July! I am appreciative of all of the efforts each of you make to support everyone you are helping. I am grateful that during these very difficult times, we have network that can reposed to almost any difficulty that arises.

     Thank you for being there for others. The work you are doing is important, and appreciated. 

Bryan Hutchinson, M.S.
EAP Director

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