JetBlue Crewmembers Deserve More from Northeast Alliance

Justice at JetBlue
28 February 2022

Two-thirds of JetBlue’s operation is now tied up with American’s in the so-called “Northeast Alliance.” American and JetBlue now share revenue and coordinate schedules in New York and Boston, by far JetBlue’s largest bases of operations.

However, the power in the Northeast Alliance lies with American Airlines.

Less than two months before entering the Northeast Alliance, JetBlue warned its

Board of Directors that the Northeast Alliance created a risk of JetBlue being co-opted by American manipulation and noted that potential ways to alleviate this risk might help preserve only some level of JetBlue’s independence.

Essentially, American and JetBlue have merged in New York and Boston by sharing revenue and coordinating schedules, but GO Crewmembers aren’t compensated or protected like American ground operations employees.

American ground ops workers, starting this month, will lead the industry in pay rates, $33.60 per hour at top of scale. In two years American ground ops workers will earn approximately $35 per hour base pay. This doesn’t include shift differential and premiums. AA ground ops workers also have 6 weeks vacation and 10 holidays paid at double-time and a half. They also have profit sharing and the best pension and 401k program in the industry. ALL BECAUSE THEY HAVE THE RIGHT TO NEGOTIATE WITH AA BECAUSE OF THEIR UNION.

JetBlue GO Crewmembers deserve to share in the success they create. The only way to do that is by unionizing and gaining the right to negotiate a legally binding contract.

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